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Propolis Soap

Strong natural antiseptic and antibacterial soap.

Propolis Tincture

Propolis Tincture 33% in a 30ml bottle.

Propolis Honey

Immunity and energy booster.

Propolis Cream

Recommended for acne and problem skin.

Aniseed Honey

Raw honey infused with organic essential oils.

Anti-Acnet Set

Helps control aggravated outbreaks associated with oily skin.

Propolis Liquid - Denise's Testimonial
I used Propolis liquid on my dogs feet, between his toes a good many years ago on the advice of a lady at my local health shop. He had a bacterial problem which the vets could treat, but not cure. It occured a couple of times, but eventually he was cured. When we took our dog to the vet recently for a swelling under the tail he asked about the feet and seemed impressed with what I told him and asked me to write down the name of the product for him.
Anti-Acne Set & Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Charlotte's Testimonial

I have been using your products for about a month now and they are truly amazing. I bought the acne set, the moisturizing and anti-wrinkle creams. I was waiting to see if I had an outbreak at the onset of my period but amazingly, I did not. Thank you. Looking forward to further purchases and the amazing effect of the propolis products.

Cream & Tinctues - Tasneem's Testimonial

I live in Mayfair West. Please let me know as soon as possible where I can get your products. I can't afford my skin to take a 'BEEting'.

Pepperment Essentially Honey - Carin's Testimonial

You should put a addiction warning on your Honey with Peppermint essential oil - it is very addictive :-))) Your products are great!

Anti-Acne Set - Ysolde's Testimonial

Started using the Anti-Acne kit, and wow its a miracle product, I SAW A DIFFERANCE IN 2 DAYS. I purchased the Tissue oil and the Propolis Cream plus soap again.Try it it WORKS!!!!!!!!! Have a BEE-autiful Day!!!

Propolis Honey - Estelle's Testimonial

I have been working in the store-room where it is dusty and unventilated. I was busy with files and boxes of ten years and older, so you can imagine the hazardous breathing. Although i do not have a sore throat, I took some propolis honey and what a soothing effect. It is quite potent stuff.

Propolis Tincture - Shelagh's Testimonial

You might remember how pro-Propolis I am -
I have just had a small run in with this 'supposed' tummy bug that is affecting everyone - Well, thie first instant that I had I dosed myself with 5 drops in a half a tot of filtered water and did that 5 times through out that day and I was hit quite savagely by the low grade fever and body ache and had to get pain tablets for that, but my tummy never went at all. It did absolutely clear it self out that night!! but also got probiotics in and recovery was very quick and people around me suffered quite badly and unnecessarily and took days to recover. It remains the very best anti-biotic on the market without any side affects.

Night Cream - Jane's Testimonial

Hi Dana, thanks so much for sending me 2 x night cream (nice new pots!). Sorry I was so slack about sending a formal order via e-mail but thanks for remembering what I asked for at the organic show last year. Wish other companies could manage such service!!!

Some feedback re the cream: even though it is a v rich night cream I use it as a day cream as well, as it helps to combat the dryness up here on the Highveld, and it never looks too shiny for the day. Wouldn't be without it. - Jane

Propolis Tincture - Daniel's Testimonial

Just a quick enquiry - am looking for your propolis tincture in Joburg. Used to get it from Morningview Health in Sandton, but they have closed down :(If you could let me know of other stockists that would be super. If not, then I will order online. By the way, the products are fantastic! Many thanks!

Essentially Honey - Joyce's Testimonial
Dear Dana,

Thank you for this original product and it really tasted different from the honey l used to buy in some shops. The different flavours made it just a winner in my opinion. Thank you for educating us about your organic honey product.


Propolis Ointment - Linda's Testimonial

Good afternoon Dana,

Many thanks for your e-mail!  I have been using the propolis and the healing ointment you sold me is FANTASTIC!  My mom has also been using the propolis and the aniseed honey and she is much better also.

I look forward to chatting with you soon and I will definitely be buying more of your products in the future.

Kind regards

Propolis Cream - Estelle's Testimonial

Dear Dana,

My trip to India was a disappointment, but thank goodness for my propolis cream!

Thank you,

Propolis For Koi - Koi Care CC's Testimonial

To read this testimonial click: here.

Propolis Tincture - Moreen's Testimonial
Good Morning Dana

Thank you for your newsletters.  Really enjoyable reading, but more info please on how to use the propolis for various ailments. I use it for any cuts, burns etc - neat - and find it very useful.   For sore throats its great, and I am very interested in the use of Propolis for aching joints, arthritis etc.

Judy's Testimonial

To read this testimonial click: here.

I live in Mayfair West. Please let me know as soon as possible where I can get your products. I can't afford my skin to take a 'BEEting'.