Propolis Soap

Strong natural antiseptic and antibacterial soap.

Propolis Tincture

Propolis Tincture 33% in a 30ml bottle.

Propolis Honey

Immunity and energy booster.

Propolis Cream

Recommended for acne and problem skin.

Aniseed Honey

Raw honey infused with organic essential oils.

Anti-Acne Set

Helps control aggravated outbreaks associated with oily skin.

The synergy between bees and essentials oils enhances the therapeutical efficacy of honey itself and of the essences. The aromatic molecule in raw honey becomes a powerful healing agent while still teasing out taste buds. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of these products towards prevention of illness and maintenance of one's good health and as well as of their healing powers.

And, that is what we have with Essentially, Honey - an unusually valuable product that offers many health benefits, as well as adding a powerful all-natural fragrance to the raw honey.

Honey has an established reputation
for its calming and sedative power

Lavender Essential Oil is well known
for its restorative, cardiotonic and calmative

Both honey and lavender are claimed
to be internal antiseptics

Preservative Free

Honey has a coughing soothing effect

Aniseed oil stimulates the secretion of
bronchial mucus dissolves thick secrete of
the bronchi and makes coughing easier

Helps in prevention of flatulence

Preservative Free

Honey is well known for its antibacterial

Lemon oil acts as an alkalizing agent

Helps to reduce symptoms of colds and

Preservative Free

Honey facilitates absorption of other

Peppermint essential oil helps with
alleviating gastric ailments

Both are internal antiseptics helping with

Preservative Free

Honey is reputed for its calming and
sedative power

Orange Blossom exerts natural anti-depressant

Helps against insomnia and stress-related problems

Preservative Free



I live in Mayfair West. Please let me know as soon as possible where I can get your products. I can't afford my skin to take a 'BEEting'.