Propolis Soap

Strong natural antiseptic and antibacterial soap.

Propolis Tincture

Propolis Tincture 33% in a 30ml bottle.

Propolis Honey

Immunity and energy booster.

Propolis Cream

Recommended for acne and problem skin.

Aniseed Honey

Raw honey infused with organic essential oils.

Anti-Acne Set

Helps control aggravated outbreaks associated with oily skin.

"To promote, manufacture, and market environmentally friendly produced South African propolis and other bee products for their nutritional and medicinal benefits while respecting the honeybees."

~ The Propolis People Mission Statement

The Propolis People, South Africa's first propolis orientated company, was started in 1995 with the intention to promote awareness of the health benefits of propolis, at the time when very little was known about propolis and when supply of local propolis was genuinely scarce. Dana Sumar cosmetic chemist started developing a range of products, which would be all natural, effective and beneficial to our well being, while helping us cope with the everyday stresses of life. The awareness of propolis and other beehive products grew significantly after Apimondia 2001, the first ever beekeeping congress held in Africa, and naturally, the interest of the beekeeping community triggered an increase in propolis production.

Dana Sumar from the Propolis People is currently the only South African to have finished the International Apitherapy course held under the auspices of Apimondia Standing committee on Apitherapy and was presented by the president of the Apimondia Apitherapy Committee, Prof. Cherbuliez (also the President of the American Apitherapy Association) and Mr. Roch Domerego, the Vice President of Apimondia Apitherapy Committee (and the President of the European Apitherapy Association), in 2003. The company is situated in the Northern Cape supplying mostly the products from the vast, unpolluted regions of the Northern Cape -although raw propolis comes from all parts of South Africa.

The Propolis People supports well known South African manufacturers who produce some of the company's products, but the actual extraction and production of standardized propolis extracts is still done by the company itself. Some products are based on a wealth of the longstanding Eastern European tradition, where propolis and other bee products are used daily and confidently. Our lip balm for example is a unique formulation, fortified with propolis and lavender, emulsified with honey, delightful enough to eat.

The company is associated with world renowned apitherapists, and is further encouraging the development of apitherapy and beekeeping in South Africa. The Propolis People became the distributor of Api-AR International products for Southern Africa in 2003. Api-AR International was founded by Prof. Cherbuliez and Mr. Domerego, who are at the forefront of innovative research and development, creating an exciting pharmacopoeia based on beehive products and essential oils.

Dana Sumar has been writing regularly for various health magazines that dedicate a significant amount of editorial space towards an intensive public awareness and education campaign about beehive products.

It is the company policy to encourage the production of local bee product and the company is associated with some of the biggest and best respected beekeepers in South Africa, thus ensuring the regular supply of raw materials. It is important to stress that all our products are of South African origin and most significantly - NON- IRRADIATED. Our products are not tested on animals.

Dana Sumar is a member of the South African Beekeeping Association and a member of the American Apitherapy Association.

Important dates for the Propolis People CC

1996- The Propolis people company started as a small home-based business.
1999/2000- Dana Sumar qualified as a cosmetic chemist.
2001 - The Propolis People CC formally registered.
2001 Apimondia - World beekeeping congress was held in October that year in Durban.
2003 - Dana Sumar attended the second International Apimondia Apitherapy course  presented in Cuba by the then President of the Apitherapy Commission Prof. Cherbuliez and the Vice-President Mr. Domerego.
2006 - launch of the first South African apitherapy website
We are constantly upgrading our range and encouraging beekeepers to produce a variety of products. We offer now SA fresh pollen and bee bread, strictly local and not irradiated.

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You might remember how pro-Propolis I am -
I have just had a small run in with this 'supposed' tummy bug that is affecting everyone - Well, thie first instant that I had I dosed myself with 5 drops in a half a tot of filtered water and did that 5 times through out that day and I was hit quite savagely by the low grade fever and body ache and had to get pain tablets for that, but my tummy never went at all. It did absolutely clear it self out that night!! but also got probiotics in and recovery was very quick and people around me suffered quite badly and unnecessarily and took days to recover. It remains the very best anti-biotic on the market without any side affects.