Propolis Soap

Strong natural antiseptic and antibacterial soap.

Propolis Tincture

Propolis Tincture 33% in a 30ml bottle.

Propolis Honey

Immunity and energy booster.

Propolis Cream

Recommended for acne and problem skin.

Aniseed Honey

Raw honey infused with organic essential oils.

Anti-Acne Set

Helps control aggravated outbreaks associated with oily skin.

Propolis is a sticky, usually dark coloured resin from the hive that honeybees collect from living plants and mix with wax and their own secretions, and it is used to repair and varnish their dwelling, cover the inside of the brood cells with a microscopic film of Propolis in order to sterilize a baby bee nursery and embalm dead intruders to prevent them from infecting the hive. It is also used to make the entrance of the hive weather tight and easier to defend.

The Propolis People , South Africa's first propolis orientated company, was started in 1995 with the intention to promote awareness of the health benefits of propolis, at the time when very little was known about propolis and when supply of local propolis was genuinely scarce.




Good afternoon Dana,

Many thanks for your e-mail!  I have been using the propolis and the healing ointment you sold me is FANTASTIC!  My mom has also been using the propolis and the aniseed honey and she is much better also.

I look forward to chatting with you soon and I will definitely be buying more of your products in the future.

Kind regards